The Hoben Workplace Wellbeing team are working on an event.

“Walking Warriors” will be a two-day wellbeing experience to be held in the stunning Dandenong Ranges, specifically designed to inform, challenge and inspire you to reach your wellbeing goals. Pivotal to this experience will be two spectacular and challenging walks which have been designed to energise you and provide a rare opportunity to reflect on what it means to be in the ‘right relationship’ with yourself.

This event, presented by Hoben Workplace Wellbeing, will use the natural environment and our team of uniquely qualified experts to introduce you to the four key pillars of wellbeing; mental health, nutrition, physical health and consciousness (meditation and yoga). This will be an amazing opportunity to fully absorb yourself into a weekend of reflection, relaxation and fun, without stress or expectation of any kind, and the everyday pressures associated with your working life.

We’ll share more details on how you can join us soon.

person running up stairs